Water Drainage Contractor Omaha

Water drainage issues can start small, but with time cause serious damage to your home. Most water issues are caused by runoff, misdirected landscaping irrigation or improper water systems. IDEAL Renovations designs custom solutions to fix drainage issues at residential, multi family and commercial properties.

Common Customer Issues

Below is a list of common water problems our customers reach out to us for:

Standing water between houses.
Erosion back of the house, standing water due to poor drainage.
Standing water along side of the house and along fence line.
Neighbor’s yard water drains into their yard creating standing water.
Neighbor’s yard at a higher elevation creating water issues.
Retaining wall needs rebuilt water getting into their garage.
Sump pump line needs buried.
Backyard has several wet spots.
Built new house and have standing water in the yard.
New construction in the neighborhood causing drainage issues in their yard.
Downspout or gutters causing water runoff near foundation and into basement.

Damage Caused By Improper Drainage

At IDEAL Renovations we design our systems to solve the problem correctly and ensure the most cost effective solution for our customers. We are set up with the right equipment, re-use as much sod as possible, and do not add in additional drains the are not necessary.

Standing water and improper drainage of water can lead to serious damage to your property, and can be responsible for several home repairs. Most property owners do not realize the extent the damage can cause, or do not fix the problems before it is to late.

If drainage issues are not fixed damage can be caused to foundations, driveways, retaining walls, sidewalks and more.

IDEAL Renovations works with residential home owners, apartment and condo associations, property management companies, and commercial property owners to fix uncontrolled water that is causing damage to a property. We also repair and replace concrete and retaining walls, and do not have to sub concrete or retaining wall work to another contractor only adding more costs to the project.

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Customer’s water drainage solution (before sod was replaced)